In order to get you all settled in your new flats and rooms, we're going to IKEA Belgium (Anderlecht) during the ESN KULBRUSSELS' Welcome Week!

Come with your Ikea voucher/letter (inside the welcome pack that you received when buying an ESN card) and we'll go together by metro. Upon arrival, you are free to shop in Ikea.

Included in the voucher (to be found in the ESN Welcome Pack):
- Free dessert and drink
- IKEA shopping bag
- Discount of 15€ (when spending >50€)

Of course you're also free to join without the IKEA voucher, in case you need something

➤ On Tuesday 10th of February, we're meeting in front of the main entrance of Uni at 15h30.

➤ We'll be in the restaurant at 18h if you'd like to join us for dinner! You can use your coupon for the free dessert and drink.

➤ We'll take the metro together. You can buy a ticket when we're at the metro station.

See you there.

10/02/2015 - 15:30
  • Everyone is invited.